About Us

ShauryaIndustries is well know merchant's of GoodYear products in Jalandhar, India. The main aim of the company is to bring the wonderful GoodYear hardware tools for people. At present our main items include screwdrivers, BIT driver sets, barrel sleeves, lead tails, electric tool accessories (welding, wood flat drill, pocket saw, cement drill, etc.) Besides the sales of the present products, our company launches new invented patent products every year.We very well know the need of the market and concentrate on research and improvement of the drawbacks of the existing tools on the market.


Main Products/Service:


Good Year, Screwdrivers/Accessories, Multi-folding Saw, Bits, Magic Screwdriver with Swivel Shaft and Bit Driver, Quick Shock, Hand Tool, DIY, Hardware, Tool, Folding Saw, Hand Tools, Screw Driver, Quick Change Chuck, Swivle Shaft Bit Driver, Power Bits Set, Finder ED Power Set, Giftware and Stationary, Tool Kit Sets, Bits / Power Bits / Adapters, Screwdriver Sets, Auto Tools, Power Bit Sets, Hex Key Wrench, Torx Key Wrench, Cross Type Wrenches, Spud Wrenches (Combi Step Wrenches), Multi-Function Saw / Knife.